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You are now the new owner of a new Gel Buddy. Try to raise him to the best of your ability. Be aware though if you do not take care of him the best something unfortunate may happen.

Note: This game is best played while doing something else like any other virtual pet. (i.e. Tamagotchi or Digimon Keychains)


  • D-Pad = Arrow Keys
  • A = X
  • B = Z
  • Start = Enter
  • Select = Shift

Menu Options


Displays a small menu showing your Gel's stats.


Gives your Gel some candy making it less hungry. Be careful not to over feed!


A chance (based on discipline) at raising your Gel's intellect so it can communicate its needs better. You can only study once per hour!


Lets your Gel sleep for 6-9 in-game hours (only when it's tired)


Raises Happiness but lowers Discipline


Raises Discipline but lowers Happiness


Cleans up any waste your Gel has made or is about to make. Wipe to early and the Gel will become upset.


Lets you change some small settings such as WASD for controls and turning sound off (not recommended). May need a restart so don't change them if you are late into a game.

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Pet.GB_windows.7z 2 MB
Pet.GB_Linux-32.7z 2 MB
Pet.GB_Linux-64.7z 2 MB
Pet.GB_Mac-32.7z 2 MB
Pet.GB_Mac-64.7z 2 MB


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Virtual pets were practically my childhood, so I knew I had to give this one a shot.

It's very cute, especially the graphics and sounds. Took me right back to the days of Tamagotchis. The simplistic nature of the game, however, caused me to neglect the gel for too long and then it moved on. Unfortunately, I tried to pass time by checking out some of the other games in this jam and I guess I waited too long! :(

It would have been nice to include maybe some mini games you could play with the pet? A good number of virtual pet toys include at least one sort of mini game. Perhaps something to consider. Other than that, I thought the game overall was adorable and nostalgic.